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How much do tickets cost?
The price of tickets depends on the show/event.
Is there a service charge for the tickets?
In general, there are no service charges, but depending on the show/event, some service charges may be incurred.
What is a Ticket Exchange Voucher?
On the day of the show, take the Ticket Exchange Voucher to the venue and exchange it for your actual ticket. Unfortunately, your seat location is unknown at the time of purchase.
How can I pay?
Most Credit Cards, Mobile Payment, and Japanese Currency are accepted. However, available payment methods vary per location. Please see the location pages for more details.
How many tickets can I purchase?
Numbers vary per show/event. Please ask the staff at your nearest location for details.
Are tickets available for purchase online?
Unfortunately, tickets are not available for purchase online. Please visit your nearest location to purchase tickets.
Is it possible to purchase tickets for consequtive seats?
In general, it is possible to purchase tickets for consequtive seats, however depending on ticket availability, this may not be possible.
I've lost my tickets. Is it possible to replace them?
Unfortunately, once tickets have been purchased, they cannot be replaced for any reason.
I purchased tickets, but I would like to change the date/time for them. Is this possible?
Unfortunately, once tickets have been purchased, no changes are possible.
Where can I see a list of shows that are available?
You can find the lineup here:
Do you purchase tickets/voucher for resale?
Sorry, we do not offer that service.
I checked the FAQ but couldn't find the answers I was looking for. Is there somewhere that I can contact?
We have an online chat service where you can chat with one of our representatives to ask any questions that you may have (available weekdays 10am to 6pm). For inquries outside of business hours, we have a contact form that you can use. We will respond to your questions on our next business day.
For other inquries, please contact us at the following:

tel: +81, 3-6228-1062
*if inquiring by email, please include “TKTS inquiry” in the subject line.
My group/company would like to sell tickets through TKTS. Who would I contact about that?
You can find details here:
I would like to find out information about ticket availability for the day after tomorrow. Is this possible?
Unfortunately, we are not able to answer questions about ticket availability for days other than same-day or next-day.
If you would like to purchase tickets for a specific date, please visit one of our locations on the day before that date to find out ticket availability.
When are we able to check the lineup of available tickets on the website?
The lineup on the website is updated every morning at 9am. Please check the Special Deals page for more details.
Are tickets available for purchase for all the shows listed in the lineup?
While we do have tickets available for purchase, due to popular demand, some shows/events may be sold out at the time of visiting one of our locations. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.